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How to Integrate Twitter and LinkedIn (TwitterIn?)

By Susan Whitcomb | No Comments »

In a joint video with LinkedIn Co-founder Reid Hoffman and Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone, Biz notes, “People are finding that the persona they create for themselves on the web is part of their resume in many ways.”

Your public persona just became easier to broadcast with the integration of Twitter and LinkedIn. Now you can update your LinkedIn status from your Twitter account, and you can update your Twitter timeline from your LinkedIn account.

The steps for doing so, along with the Hoffman-Stone video interview, are here:

Of course, you need both a Twitter account and LinkedIn account to get started, so if you’ve been hesitant to jump into Twitter, now’s the time.

Tip: When you go to add your existing Twitter account to LinkedIn, you’ll need to sign in to Twitter. Rather than use your Twitter user name (e.g., @SusanWhitcomb) to sign in, use your email address associated with your Twitter account. I discovered it doesn’t work the other way around.

And, what are the advantages for jobseekers? Here are 3 to start:

  • You can extend your reach. Many LinkedIn colleagues are not on Twitter. The new integration allows you to increase your visibility with them.
  • You can get greater cross-play when posing questions that need answered.
  • The new “Company Buzz” feature allows you to track tweets about target companies, products, and people you may be researching and following from your LinkedIn home page.

How well does it work? The jury’s still out for me! When updating my status on LinkedIn and clicking the Twitter “share” button, my update shows in my Twitter stream. However, when adding the hashtags #LI or #in at the end of a Twitter update, the update is not appearing on my LinkedIn status (and from the looks of other people’s Twitter streams, I’m not alone).

Troubleshooting suggestions are welcome!


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