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The Internal Career Coach: The Employee Who’s Afraid to Talk to the Boss

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A group of career coaching colleagues and I had a discussion recently about what prevents employees from being proactive about managing their careers with their current employer. One theme that surfaced quickly was…

The employee’s fear of talking to the boss!

Those fears can be founded in a number of assumptions, opinions, and/or facts. For example, fear of:

Damaging trust—the employee may wonder…

  • If the boss will think the employee is unappreciative of all the boss has done for her
  • If the boss will be angry or retaliatory because the employee is the boss’s “golden goose” as a key producer
  • If the boss will be frustrated if the employee has been in her role a short time, such that the boss will have to spend more time training someone new and bringing a replacement up to speed

Raising red flags—the boss may wonder…

  • If the employee is fully engaged and giving his all
  • If the employee is still the right fit for the job
  • If the employee takes on new responsibilities to add to his portfolio of skills, will he still have time to do all of his regular work duties?

Creating suspicions—team members may get wind of the conversation and then wonder…

  • If the employee is really bought into the team’s success, or
  • Whether the employee is jockeying for position to “one-up” them or get ahead of them

As a career coach, what should you do with all of these fears—some of which may be well-founded?!

Two Quick Tips:

  • First, avoid tackling the fears and problem-solving how to remove them. Fear is a natural response in human beings, and it will easily resurface in a new form once the employee has left your coaching call. 
  • Second, focus on “flourishing.” Coach your employee/client out of fight-flight mode and into calm-connect/peace-possibility/flow-flourish mode. From this stance, your employee will be equipped with additional brainpower to vision, problem solve, and take action.

If you’re interested in deepening your competencies in this area, check out the Certified Career Management Internal/Corporate Coach Program… Our next class starts June 16th!


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