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Perceiving Provision

By Susan Whitcomb | 1 Comment »

Do You Have What You Need?

shutterstock_86875375When we get stuck in life or work, it’s usually because we don’t have what we need. The “lack” can come in the form of not enough energy, wisdom, resources, time, connections, money, belief, and so on. The “stuckness” causes us to focus on what’s missing. And when we focus on what’s missing, we miss what’s already there. It’s like watching for a train coming from the north when it’s really approaching from the south.

So how do you perceive provision when you feel and think that it isn’t there?

First, explore the word “perceive” with me. To perceive … to recognize, to voice, to understand, to observe, to point out, to be aware of, to be awake to, to be amazed by, to be in wonder of.

Next, consider these steps:

  • Point 1Perceive Life’s Provision. Start with the places where you are already satisfied. Even when there are places that don’t yet feel satisfied. Do so, just as a wise and magnanimous mentor might look on the person he is mentoring. The mentor sees perhaps an early version of himself in his career, not yet fully matured in character and wisdom. Nonetheless, the mentor doesn’t focus on what’s missing, but focuses on what’s there already, what is good, what to build on, what to add to, and what can be.
  • give thanksAcknowledge the Provision. Speak about the places where you are satisfied. Choose people you trust. Share with coworkers, coaches, mentors, friends, family members. Whisper your thank you’s silently throughout the day. Mention them out loud in the lunch-room/break-room with a coworker. Comment on them over the dinner table at home.
  • shutterstock_108957806Notice the Shifts. As you focus on the places you’ve been “satisfied” and share those experiences with yourself and others, notice the differences in your thinking, your attitude, your heart. When the heart is satisfied, all else is at rest (even when it looks like there isn’t ‘enough’). And speaking of rest . . .
  • Rest. Sometimes we push and press and labor and strive … and there are times when that is appropriate. But there also need to be times of shutterstock_127651703rest, of contemplation and “wool gathering,” of doing something completely different to give your brain a chance to bring you new insights, oftentimes around the very place where you felt stuck. And voila, you’re unstuck.

Wishing you a meaningful measure of provision this day.

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Put On Your H.A.T. to Succeed in 2014

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This month’s posts have centered on creating G.O.A.L.S. and how to W.I.N. by staying calm, focused, and perseverant. Here’s one more acrostic to support your success this year.


HopeH – Hope: It’s easy to set goals, get excited about them, and then a few days or weeks later, lose hope that they are possible to achieve. Hope is essential for survival. As I’ve quoted before (thanks John Ortberg), “We can survive the loss of anything, except hope.” At its core, hope means that we want something. We want tomorrow to come and for it to bring good things . . . something better, something more, something different. What do you hope for?


ActionA – Act: Take the next right step. Then take the next right step. And then again. As Joe Girard quipped: “The elevator to success is out of order. You must take the stairs, one at a time.” Act strategically. Do it right. Do everything humanly possible. One of my coaches, James Malinchak, was asked how he continues to fill his Big Money Speaker seminars with 700+ people several times a year. He’ll tell you: “I don’t know one way to get 700 people in a room. But I know 70 ways to get 10 people there.” What’s the next right step for you?


trustT – Trust: The first two steps make sense, don’t they? Hope involves visioning. Act involves responsible action. But trust? Doesn’t that sound a little irresponsible? Yes—IF you haven’t done steps one (hope) and two (action). But if you have done your hopin’ (visioning) and your actin’ (responsibly, thoroughly, repeatedly), it’s time to rest. Trust that things will turn out. I cannot control the final outcomes, nor can you. I can control what I hope for and what I take action on. I hope you will, too.


hatH.A.T.’s off to you and your success this 2014!



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How to W.I.N. in 2014

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2014 Goals

If you’re like a great number of people, you penned some goals for 2014. If you missed my “A Fresh Take on G.O.A.L.S.,” be sure to review it here.

And, if you’re like me, those goals, as appealing as they sound, can collide and conflict with the very busy and full life that you already lead.



So how do you make progress when things can feel overwhelming?

Do the next right thing.


I heard a speaker, Dr. Bill Dorfman, author of Billion-Dollar Smile and celebrity dentist featured on “Extreme Makeover,” once say that we need to focus on the “WIN.” His acrostic for WIN stood for “What’s Important Now?”

What's Next?So what do you do when you feel like you have multiple “importants” sitting in front of you? Let’s face it. It’s rare when we don’t have multiple “A” priorities vying for our attention. That’s when it’s important to remember one of my favorite mantras:

You have everything you need … right now.

Holding an “everything-you-need” mindset shifts our perspective from fight-flight to possibility-empowerment.

Assuming you’ve already got your “to accomplish list” (aka “to do list”) in written format (if not, pick up a copy of David Allen’s bestseller, Getting Things Done), then consider this simple process (trust me, we need things to be simple when we’re in overwhelm mode!):

  • First, breathe. It’s so simple, of course, but we forget that our brains need oxygen in order to function. With your hand lightly on your heart, take 3 or 4 deep breaths, 3-4 seconds in, 3-4 seconds out (or whatever pace is comfortable). Feel better already?
  • Second, revisit your priorities, whether they be for the day, the week, the month, the year, your lifetime.
  • Third, quiet your mind and ask yourself, “What’s important next?” I will often simply whisper a prayer, “Show me what to do next.” Invariably, an answer comes to mind.
  • Fourth, do it. If the task at-hand is big, consider breaking the task into smaller steps.
  • Fifth: Rinse and repeat.

In coaching and mentoring hundreds of career coaches over the past decade-plus, I rarely see a dearth of dreams. More often, I see an inability to execute. Make this new year a year for executing, following through, WINNING.         Win Win

Do the next right thing . . . even if it’s a seemingly small step. You’ll be surprised how they can add up.


A Fresh Approach to G.O.A.L.S.

By Susan Whitcomb | No Comments »

goals-1-2-3As many of you are doing in December, I’m working on my goals for 2014. In doing so, I wanted a fresh approach to the process.

Here’s what I came up with . . . maybe there will be an idea or two in here that inspires you!

G – Gain | Grow | Get More Of

  • In what ways do you want to gain, grow, get more of? Consider traditional categories of Career, Business, Finances, Health, as well as nontraditional categories such as Character, Relationships, Reputation, Perspective.

O – Overcome | Oust | Less Of

  • What do you want less of this year? What situations, bad habits, negative thinking, toxic relationships do you want to overcome or oust from your life?

A – Allow Life to Lead | Abide

  • How will you invite Life to unfold this coming year without striving, worrying, or working too hard? For those with a God orientation, how will you invite Him to love you, lead you, guide you, provide for you this year? How will you abide in Him?

L – Limelight

  • What is/are the major initiative(s), project(s), theme(s) you want to keep in the limelight/spotlight for 2014?

S – Service

  • Whom do you want to bless with your talents, gifts, and services this coming year? How will you do so?

And, please receive my heartfelt wishes for a year of significance and success!


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