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Career Coaching Business Tip: Focus on Both the Big Picture and the Pixels

Where’s your focus?

  • Is it on the Big Picture—dreaming about what you’d love to be, do, and have? There’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, visioning is a prerequisite to serious success.
  • Is it on the Daily Details—tackling the things in front of you, whether to answer a pile of email, pay a bill, or knock out a client project?

Both the Big Picture and the Daily Details are important. Too often, though, we hyper-focus on one area to the neglect of the other. It’s the Photograph vs. Pixels analogy. If you’ve ever looked at a digital photograph, you know that when you zoom in, you can see the individual pixels that make up the picture.

Those individual pixels are important. As they relate to growing your business as a career coach, leadership coach, or resume writer, they might be things such as:

  • Creating fresh and value-rich content for your community
  • Filling your marketing pipeline on a consistent basis, whether via email, social media, direct mail, etc.
  • Getting people to “raise their hand” (as our coach Mike Alpert likes to say)
  • Converting those “hand-raisers” into customers
  • Making phone calls to touch base with prospects’ needs

Here are a few quick tips to find the balance between the Photograph vs. Pixels:

  • Schedule time to see the Big Picture/Photograph. Lyndsey and I schedule a weekly 30-minute pow-wow to remember the Big Picture; we meet every two weeks with our business coach by phone; and we meet quarterly for a face-to-face half-day with our marketing coach.
  • Use meaningful metrics. Revenue goals are great, but how about net profit goals? Meaningful metrics will vary from business to business but consider also things like the number of articles you are writing, presentations given, leads generated from those events, customers converted from those leads, closing rates, and so on.

How will you schedule time to see the Big Picture/Photograph?

What are the Daily Details/Pixels that will create your Big Picture?



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