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Facebook the New Walmart?

Here’s a potentially controversial statement:

Facebook is becoming the new Wal-Mart!

Regardless of your thoughts on Wal-Mart’s retailing practices, the truth is that you can find just about ANYTHING at Wal-Mart. From toys to toilet fixtures, it’s all there.

And Facebook is looking “Wal-Mart-ish” these days because of everything you can do there … including FIND JOBS!!! Just this past week, my sister-in-law overheard how a company used Facebook to notify a candidate of a job offer!

Recruiters/hiring managers are also catching the wave. Have you seen the recent statistics posted by JobVite.com, which shows hiring patterns in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter? I love what JobVite.com is doing to help track the metrics of social media and recruiting.

This first pic shows that 64% of recruiters use two or more social networks for recruiting:

The next graph shows which sites social referrals come from:

And this final pic shows the types of referrals most often being made:

How about you? How are you seeing Facebook used in recruiting and hiring?

If you’re a career professional and would like to learn more about Facebook in the job search, join us for the launch of the Social Networking Career Strategist program that starts Wednesday, August 3rd. More info here: www.theacademies.com/sncs




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