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Brain Coach: How long does it REALLY take to create a habit?

By Susan Whitcomb | No Comments »

The following is a brain-based coaching insight, complete with coaching tips on the bottom. It is the first part of a 5-part series. Sign up HERE for our free series and have them delivered to your inbox in the next few weeks. According to a study by Lally and Gardner (2013), the average time for […]


How to Coach Manager with Low EQ

By Susan Whitcomb | 4 Comments »

I just got off the phone with an internal coach who is coaching a manager who has low EQ. You’ve probably come across this type of manager—the financial superstar who is bottom-line oriented and therefore gets promoted but has yet-to-be-developed skills in the area of motivating, developing, and relating to his/her direct reports. As I’ve […]


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